Goat Milk Benefits According to Ayurveda

Goat's milk can be used for other applications...

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Goat milk has many health benefits. Goats have lean built, Goats do not drink much water, do a lot of physical activities and eat grass and plants that are pungent, hot and bitter in taste. These qualities of goat gets attributed to Goat milk, according to Ayurveda. Hence goat milk has its own special importance in Ayurveda.  Continue reading


Kashayam tablets – AVN’s innovative specialty products

Ever wondered how to get rid of those bitter-tasting kashayams? Switch over to kashayam tablets. Kashayam tablets are result of long and painstaking research of AVN Ayurveda Formulations Private Limited.

What is kahsayam: kashaya is the liquid containing water-soluble principles of herbs. It is also called as herbal decoction or herbal tea. (herbal tea is prepared with mild heating for a short period of time, to be more specific).

How to prepare kashayam?

The general method of preparation of kashayam is to take the required herbs. Cut into small pieces, kept immersed in water for a short period of time, then the next morning it is added with 16 times of water and reduced to 1/4th or 1/8th by subjecting it to mild heat. After water reduction it is taken out of fire and it is to be consumed while it is mild hot.

How kashaya tablet is prepared?

The Kashaya prepared in the above method is further concentrated and using some of the technologies, Iit is solidified to  prepare kashaya tablets.

Here care is taken to solidify the entire mass under very controlled temperature, otherwise, Continue reading